Back pain relief through hamstring stretches

hamstring stretches lower back pain

An unorthodox but effective approach to back pain relief

When most people think of performing stretches for back pain relief, they understandably think of back stretches. But there’s another part of the body you should be stretching in order to take the pressure off of your lower back. Since you probably already read the headline, you know that’s your hamstrings.

Gently stretching your hamstrings 1-2 times per day will work towards loosening lengthening your hamstring muscles (which are the muscles running along the backs of your thighs, for anyone who wasn’t sure). When your hammies are a looser and a little longer it will allow your pelvis to move more freely. This lessens the pressure on your lower back and helps keep your posture correct, which in turn brings back pain relief.

Here’s a great guide to specific hamstring stretches you should consider working into your exercise routine.

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