Herniated Lumbar Disc

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Herniated Lumbar Disc – a lower back condition

A herniated disc is the condition that occurs when a portion of the vertebral disc ruptures. Often the inner portion of the disc bulges free from the outer barrier. With a herniated lumbar disc, the disc that ruptures is located in the lower back. The ruptured portion of the disc may push on nerves in the lumbar area of the spine, causing pain or numbness.

Herniated Lumbar Disc Symptoms

• Pain in the legs that is best described as shooting
• Discomfort in the leg, foot or ankle
• Pain that is generally worse when sitting

Herniated Lumbar Disc Causes

• Degeneration caused by the normal aging process
• Trauma or injury
• Twisting
• Heavy lifting

Herniated Lumbar Disc Treatment Options

A back doctor will likely begin with nonoperative treatment for a herniated lumbar disc. This can include physical therapy, medication and/or epidural injections. For patients whose conditions do not improve, surgery may be necessary.

The most common surgical treatment for a herniated lumbar disc is a Partial Lumbar Discectomy. This is the removal of the portion of the disc that’s herniated, or bulged. Removing this portion of the disc relieves pressure on the affected nerve.

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