Lumbar Radiculopathy

lumbar radiculopathy allen tx

Lumbar Radiculopathy – low back pain that extends into the legs

Lumbar radiculopathy is what occurs when spinal nerves are irritated by damage or degeneration of the discs between vertebrae. It is the pain that extends from the low back into the legs and possibly even into the feet.

Lumbar radiculopathy symptoms

• Back pain that is best described as sharp
• Back pain that travels down the lower extremities i.e. the legs
• Pain that worsens with sitting
• Numbness or tingling in the legs or feet
• Weakness in the back and leg

Lumbar radiculopathy causes

• Damage to discs between vertebrae
• Natural wear and tear from aging
• Foraminal stenosis
• Nerve root injuries
• Diabetes
• Scar tissue from prior spinal surgeries

Lumbar radiculopathy treatment

To begin with, a doctor will likely recommend nonsurgical treatment for lumbar radiculopathy. This may include spinal injections, medication or physical therapy. If this nonoperative treatment is not successful, decompression surgery such as laminectomy or discectomy may be recommended.

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