Osteoporosis & Treatment

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Osteoporosis of the hips and spine

Osteoporosis stems from the loss of bone density and most commonly occurs in older women. It tends to occur in the hips and spine, though other areas of the body may be affected. This weakening of bones, especially in the elderly, may lead to spine fractures from minimal trauma. Not only can these fractures be quite painful, but they may heal in a position that contributes to an increased curvature of the spine, which is a condition called kyphosis.


Symptoms of osteoporosis include sharp back pains resulting from bone fracture, height loss, and abnormal or increased curvature of the spine.


In addition to the natural aging process, which makes women more susceptible after menopause, the causes of osteoporosis include:

• Lack of calcium or vitamin D
• Family history
• Mild trauma

Osteoporosis Treatment in Dallas TX Options

There are currently no surgical treatment options to relieve or treat osteoporosis. Nonsurgical treatment options can be discussed with a doctor. Medications are often needed.

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