Is Massage Therapy Helpful for Back Pain?

Massage Therapy for Back Pain | Dallas TX | Spine VueMassage Therapy for Back Pain

Massage is an excellent, non-invasive way to relieve back tension and the pain associated with it. Massage Therapy for back pain can also be a very helpful relaxation technique because it releases endorphins, which create feelings of euphoria and happiness in the brain.

Many physicians in the medical community are promoting massage as a viable option for reducing back pain, or for massage to be used in conjunction with other procedures to facilitate faster recovery time. Massage can also help with overall health concerns and provides psychological benefits, including:

Other Back Problems Benefited by Massage Therapy

Lifting something too heavy, an accident, or a fall can cause injury or muscle strain in the lower back. Something as simple as bending over to pick up a newspaper can cause the back to spasm, which often immobilizes the patient for several hours or even days. Massage Therapy for lower back pain can loosen the spasm, relax the muscles and allow the back to function normally.

Types of Massage Therapy

There are different types of massage treatments, including Shiatsu, Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Deep Tissue Massage.

It is always advisable to check with a doctor if you are considering massage therapy for back or neck pain. Having conditions such as a herniated disc or recent surgery may not make you the best massage candidate until those ailments are healed.
If you have severe back or neck pain and are considering Massage Therapy as a treatment option, you should first be evaluated by a medical expert to determine the underlying cause of the pain. Spine Vue specializes in all types of back pain and procedures. Call us to schedule a full examination today.

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