Scoliosis treatment through yoga

scoliosis relief yoga

Scoliosis news: can a yoga pose per day keep the doctor away?

For scoliosis patients, the answer to that question may just be yes. Although of course it is important to see your doctor regularly, especially if you have a known spinal condition like scoliosis. It’s more of a figurative question and answer we have going here.

A recent study has shown that patients with scoliosis who performed just one yoga pose per day, holding it for 90 seconds, three days a week can lessen spinal curvature in just three months. Overall, the study’s participants reduced their spine curvature by an average of 32%.

The yoga pose in question is called the side plank – lying on your side and then propping yourself up with your bent forearm. It is recommended that scoliosis patients do the side plank on the weaker side of the spine, usually the side with the curvature. It’s a difficult pose, so you may only be able to hold it for 10 seconds at a time to start with. Work your way up to the 90 seconds carefully, and be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning any sort of exercise program.

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