Kyphoplasty technique – a minimally invasive solution for the fracture or collapse of vertebrae

kyphoplasty technique
While it is possible a fractured vertebrae will heal on its own, it’s also quite possible that a fracture vertebrae will lead to bigger problems, and that’s what makes kyphoplasty such a necessary procedure. Vertebrae may fracture due to trauma or conditions like osteoporosis or tumors. If fracture vertebrae collapse not only is it intensely painful for the patient, who will experience limited mobility and functionality, but it also causes deformity of the spine and weakens the spine’s structural integrity.

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon will restore the vertebrae’s shape and height in order to return the spine to its normal condition with regained stability.

Kyphoplasty procedure specifics

In a kyphoplasty procedure, the surgeon will insert a balloon of sorts into the affected vertebrae and inflate it, expanding the vertebrae to their normal height, shape and size. Once this has been accomplished the surgeon will strengthen the vertebrae by injecting bone cement, made out of acrylic. This bone cement hardens in just 15 minutes.
One of the major benefits of kyphoplasty is how immediately the results are achieved. Patients typically do not require rehabilitative physical therapy. Patients may experience pain from the procedure itself, but this should dissipate entirely within two weeks.

Though the vertebrae have been restored, the doctor will continue to carefully monitor and work with the patient to help treat the underlying cause of vertebral fracture. This is especially important with conditions like osteoporosis.

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